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“… humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.” (Proverbs 16:9)

At YABN there are many ways to participate and advance God's kingdom

At YABN we focus on the activities in which no other organizations are working on, but yet has a great need. Driven by a true sense of urgency for Vision 2025, YABN strives to become more innovative, trying new methodologies and technologies while being sensitive to the Lord’s leading.


Language description and documentations

Since SIL Indonesia Branch surrendered its charter status in 2008, the production of language description has come to a halt. However, YABN continues to do sociolinguistic surveys and language mapping while supplying the data to Repository for Electronic Archiving and Publishing (REAP) and Ethnologue


Multilingual education

YABN considers multilingual education as high priority, in addition to completing the Grade School programs in Central Sulawesi. YABN has been working with Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP) in Mother-Tongue Based, and Multi-Lingual Education (MTB-MLE) for Schools in Rural and Remote Areas of Papua.

Scripture Use

As a result of low percentage usage of published vernacular New Testaments, YABN has been promoting the use of vernacular Scripture in various language communities through workshop in Transformational Worship, production of vernacular Sunday school, and discipleship materials.

Indonesian Sign language

In the last three years, YABN has been partnering with SIL-Global Sign Language Team (SIL-GSLT) to facilitate Deaf church-base translation team to translate biblical content in IndoSL. However, after SIL International established its own Yayasan SIL, Yayasan ABN is no longer working with Jakarta Sign language variety.

Video and Audio Strategy for Translation(VAST)

in partnership with the Seed Company, the Jesus Film, and various churches and Yayasan in Papua, YABN has been facilitating and managing the production of the Jesus Film in Melayu Papua, Tehit, and many more languages to come;

Biblical Translation Resources

Realizing the extent of language shift toward the Language of Wider Communication (LWC), the short term focus of YABN is to equip every ethnolinguistic church for autonomous Bible translation by having adequate biblical resources in their own language without copyright restrictions and costs.

Jakarta Translation Event Team

Manado Translation Event Team

In partnership with Evangelical Churches and Wycliffe Associates, YABN is in the process of translating biblical content into Gateway Languages:

  • to provide all content, training and tools …
  • for effective translation of biblical content …
  • into fewest number of Language of Wider Communication …
  • that covers 100% of the languages spoken collectively by the global Church.

So how can you get involved?

There are many ways to get involved and participate. And it’s just as easy as contacting us. We would love to hear from you and discuss options for participation.

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