Core Activities

C.S. Lewis said, “If you are thinking of becoming a Christian, I warn you are embarking on something which is going to take the whole of you, brains and all.”  Following the Lord’s footstep in human development as a whole, YABN’s focus of activities are in the development of individual and the lives of Indonesian language communities intellectually, physically, socially, and spiritually, through three Core Activities.

The scope of Programs of YABN encompasses three main core activities as approved by the government:


a. Development of indigenous communities to love, nurture and preserve their language and cultures;

b. Development of languages communities to restore a healthy living environment;

c. Development of language and culture of indigenous language communities;

d. To publish language maps and diverse ethnic groups electronically and print media;

e. Mother tongue-based formal and non-formal education of indigenous communities;

f. Gender equality;

g. Comparative study of indigenous communities.


a. To establish places of worship;

b. To improving the understanding of religious teaching;

c. To implement the call of the Great Commission;

d. To promote Bible translation and Scripture Use;

e. To develop Biblical-based religious education;

f. To encourage a comparative study of religions.


a. To provide assistance and readiness in natural disasters;

b. To provide assistance to the homeless, the poor, the drifters, and marginalized communities;

c. To set up shelters and refugee camps;

d. Establish and manage hospitals, clinics, and laboratories;

e. Restoring the natural environment and healthy social environment.

Current Activities
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Social Domain
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Religious Domain
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Humanitarian Domain
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